Diploma Terms and Conditions.

Please read carefully. You will be asked to agree if you are successful in your application.

  1. Acceptance onto the course is at the discretion of the school, and subject to an interview.

  2. In addition to the course fees, students are required to purchase textbooks, equipment consumables and uniform.  This will be discussed at interview.

  3. Home study and Case studies are additional to class dates.  

  4. Students are expected to complete all assignments by their due date.

  5. Students may be asked to leave the course for the following reasons -  

     a) Persistent poor time keeping

     b) Persistent failure to complete assignments by the due dates.

    c) Failure to complete the required number of teaching hours.

     d) Failure to comply with the agreed terms of payment.

  6. Students are expected to attend all course session dates.  Where circumstances render this               impossible, alternative dates will be negotiated to ensure no time is lost. This course requires a           minimum of 100 hours face to face training prior to qualification.     A fee may be charged.

  7. Students will be recommended to Professional Reflexology for qualification on the                               recommendation of the tutor.

 8. Following acceptance onto the course, no refunds will be made on any fees or deposits paid.

 9. In the event of a student leaving the course at any time after registration day and prior to course     completion, they will be liable for the full course fees for  the duration of the course.

10. Insurance for the student's property is the responsibility of the student at all times.

11. It is the requirement of Hand and Sole that students become members of Professional                        Reflexology on completion of their training.

12. Students agree to the above terms and conditions on entry to the course.